Kovalchick Corporation

36” beams, 150 lbs per foot, we have 16 that are 21’ and 16 that are 55’ located at our Burnham, PA Yard

Vicki Smith

Phone: 717-248-3971
Fax:     717-248-3972

Burnham Office Receptionist

Skip Vermeulin, Jr. - Manager, Burnham Yard

Kovalchick Corporation
"Diversified Business Interests"
Steel • Coal • Railroading
Real Estate • Funding

Joe Kovalchick, President

​Nathan Kovalchick,  C.O.O.
Phone: 724-349-3300
Fax: 724-349-6119

Our Burnham location has many of the same materials for sale that you would find at our Indiana, PA facility, including railroad ties and fence posts.
Scrap metal is bought and sold and our prices are competitive and updated regularly.

The Burnham office and yard is conveniently located near the center of Pennsylvania, approximately 40 miles north west of Harrisburg. (please see the map at the bottom of this page)

We offer rolloff box service for scrap metals only.

Normal hours of operation are from 7:00 AM through 5:00 PM - Monday through Friday

If you wish to contact our Burnham office:

Kovalchick Corporation
301 N Logan Blvd
Burnham, PA 17009